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Category: Amazing Spaces

Full Sturgeon Moon

According to, this is the Full Sturgeon Moon, named by the Native American fishing tribes. The sturgeon is a large fish of the Great Lakes and other large lakes […]

A Wild Experience!

My family and I spent the weekend in Columbus, Georgia. It was the first real family vacation we have had in several years. From walking through an abandoned cemetery to […]

Cotton Flowers

This is a flower of a cotton plant. Our clothes are made of this same cotton. The cream or yellow flowers open in the early morning hours. During this time, […]

So Little, So Much

  It is interesting to me how you can get so much from so little. One small cluster of flowers, so many different things to see.  

Independence Day

  July 4, 2017 was 241 years of independence for the United States from Great Britain. So many people immigrated to an unknown land in order to have freedom. I […]

Old Barn

I’m always torn between making a picture grayscale or leaving it in color, especially pictures of things from the past. Grayscale adds to the vintage feeling as we often think […]

A Day in April

I took this picture because this area reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. A pasture with a tree here and there against the great expanse of the blue […]