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A Wild Experience!

My family and I spent the weekend in Columbus, Georgia. It was the first real family vacation we have had in several years. From walking through an abandoned cemetery to getting slobbered on by water buffalo, we had quite an adventure. Of course, I took plenty of pictures. Providence Canyon (aka Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon) is a Georgia state park and was formed by…


Odom Farms Arlington, GA



I guess I’ve lived in Georgia long enough to have developed a fondness for cows. I decided to stop and take pictures of the cows in this field. They were all either up by the barn or turned away from me. But, the longer I stood there, the more curious they became. This was the first one to come over and greet me.

Curious Cows

The curiosity of cows is an interesting thing. Once the first cow walked to the fence, then the whole herd followed. They were nice enough to pose for some really cute pictures. I love cows. ♥