Vintage White


Oh, Hello…

I saw these horses and mule while riding the back roads. The mule was on the Merrily Plantation and the horses were on the Honey Lake Plantation. It’s so funny to me how they are just as interested in me as I am in them. I’m not sure why they all chose to pose the same but I was quite happy to take their…

Orchard Pond Organics

Orchard Pond Organics was the first farm we visited on Farm Tour 2017. We rode around the farm and saw the fall crops in process, experimental crops and land reserved for the locals to have their own gardens.  

Millstone Plantation

Millstone Plantation, officially known as Millstone Institute of Preservation, was the host of the Farm Tour 2017.

Redemptive Love Farm

During Farm Tour 2017, we visited Redemptive Love Farm in Miccosukee, Florida near Tallahassee. The farm was full of children laughing and playing with the many animals on the farm. Most impressive were the many children helping with the tour. Brian and Shannon began taking in orphans. As they realized the compassion the children had for a few stray cats and dogs, they also…



My Favorite Shade of Green

The different shades of green make this picture for me. Green weeds, green cotton plants and pine trees are country to the core. Of course, the grain silo makes my heart happy even if it’s only partially visible.


Boiled peanuts are a Southern thing. ~Trisha Yearwood